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Keep Austin Lakes Clean

Keep Austin Lakes Clean

Austin is known for its beautiful lakes and natural creeks. The problem is that we are growing in population at an alarming rate. I have noticed in the last few years that litter pet fecal matter has been a huge problem. Leading to clogged creeks full of beer cans and food wrappers. Lakes with tons of glass bottles on the lake bottom being a hazard to humans and wildlife. This needs stop and we must all work together to keep our natural resources beautiful not just for us but generations after us. Here is a list of 10 ways to keep our lakes and creeks clean.

10 Ways To Keep Austin Lakes Clean

  1. If you live on a lake, stream, creek or wetland. Try planting native plants along the water to create a sort of buffer. This keeps harmful man made chemicals from entering the waterways.
  2. If you have a septic system make sure it meets safety standards and works properly.
  3. When you are out on your boat. Try to to cause huge wakes because it erodes shorelines and destroys natural ecosystems.
  4. When you buy a new or used boat motor. Chose a 4 stroke rather than a 2 stroke. This option provides optimal fuel consumption which saves you money and you will leave less pollutants in the water and air.
  5. Use organic based fertilizers for your yard rather than harmful chemicals that run off into waterways.
  6. Never dump wastes or pollutants into a storm drain or sewers. Storm sewers run directly to rivers, lakes, and creeks.
  7. In the winter, use less salt on your sidewalks and driveway. We don’t have to worry much about freezing roads here but we occasionally drop below freezing temperatures. Chloride from road salt is building up in lakes and aquifers that receive runoff from highways.
  8. If you fish, consider putting away your lead sinkers and switching to non toxic or organic tackle.  These jigs have been found in the many species of birds here are are susceptible to contracting lead poisoning from tackle they pick up off lake bottoms.
  9. Don’t use the lake as a bathtub. Soaps and shampoos contain pollutants that are harmful to the lake and organisms living in it.
  10. Learn as much as you can about Austin’s lakes and creeks and the threats they face.
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