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5 Reasons To Have A Kids Birthday Boat Party

5 Reasons to Have a Kids Birthday Boat Party

Planning a kids’ party in Austin, TX, isn’t easiest. There’s a lot to think about, including what they’ll enjoy, how the food and drink will get taken care of, venue hire, and making something special for them.

It can be overwhelming but have you considered a kids’ birthday boat party? This is your ticket to organizing one of the most enjoyable, entertaining parties your kids have had yet.

What is a Kids Birthday Boat Party?

A kids’ birthday boat party is an activity that takes your celebrations onto Lake Austin in style. The memorable event features a pontoon boat that guides you and your guests around the lake’s waters, providing countless activities and endless fun for a magnificent children’s party experience.

It’s undoubtedly one of the most unique and entertaining things to do for a kids’ birthday party. Do you need some reasons why? Because we certainly have a few!

Here Are 5 Reasons Why a Kids Birthday Boat Party is an Unforgettable Experience

Discover five reasons a kids’ birthday boat party will give your children a party they’ll adore.

1 It’s the ultimate family fun in Austin, TX.

There aren’t too many activities that boast wholesome family fun in Austin, TX. However, a birthday boat party will cover that need for a party both kids and parents love.

A party trip out to the waters on Lake Austin will create some special memories. Your guests will be thrilled with the aqua-based activities under the safety and supervision of your fun-loving, qualified captain.

2 The boats are kid-friendly, spacious, and full of unique activities.

If a kid-friendly venue for their next birthday is a concern, a kids boat party has you covered. The pontoon boats that traverse Lake Austin have plenty of space for kids to be kids, all equipped with maximum safety and security features.

Let’s not forget the unique activities, too! Play some water games, explore the wonders of the lake, and hop on the lily pad – the opportunities are endless.

3 There’s very little you’ll need to organize.

When you decide on booking a kids’ birthday boat party, there’s little left for you to organize. This is the right option if you’re looking for an action-packed, fun-filled birthday party for your kids that takes no time to get together.

Enjoy a stress-free, memorable party that will thrill the kids and give them something to talk about for a while to come!

4. Enjoy all the onboard amenities.

All the amenities thrown into a kids’ birthday boat party ensures everybody has a good time. You’ll get a stereo to jam the party tunes you love, a cooler for all your treats and a lily pad that takes the fun factor to the next level.

The wealth of amenities allows the flexibility to give kids the party they want.

5. There’s something magical about celebrating a birthday on Lake Austin.

Have you ever had the opportunity to cruise around Lake Austin? Now’s your chance to do it in style!

A kids’ birthday boat party on one of Texas’s most celebrated waterways is magical and something they and their guests won’t forget.

How Can I Organize a Kids Birthday Boat Party in Austin, TX

Are you convinced that a kid’s birthday boat party is the best way to celebrate the upcoming occasion? You’ll probably wonder how you can get the ball rolling and book a boat for the event.

There’s no easier way to organize your kid’s birthday boat party than contacting Nauti Side Boat Rentals. They have consistently been rated as the #1 boat rental company in Austin, TX, because of their dedication to hosting unforgettable parties and fulfilling all guest needs.

Why Choose Nauti Side Boat Rentals for a Kids Birthday Boat Party?

So why use Nauti Side Boat Rentals for a kid’s birthday boat party? Here are a few standout features to ensure the occasion is seamless and enjoyable.

Pontoon Boats to Accommodate All Your Guests

Make sure no one gets left out for this special occasion. Nauti Side Boat Rentals has 12-passenger or 24-passenger pontoon boats available for your guests.

Get the Classic Texan Hospitality

Texan hospitality is always about making guests feel welcome, safe, and well taken care of – you won’t need to worry about getting the full service here. Nauti Side Boat Rentals brings classic Texan hospitality to the water party.

Family-Fun with a Fantastic Team

Not only is your captain and boat team qualified, licensed, and knowledgeable – they are the most fun-loving team that sparks joy in your party. There’s never a dull moment with the Nauti Side Boat Rentals team, have fun while feeling perfectly safe.

One of the Most Memorable Kids Birthday Parties You’ll Ever Host

Every kid wants a party that their friends and family will talk about before and after. Trust that Nauti Side Boat Rentals makes that happen. Not many kids can say they’ve hosted a boat party, and they’ll undoubtedly drop some jaws when they do!

All Those Attached No Cost Items

Of course, the boat hire’s free additional features make Nauti Side Boat Rentals a preferred choice. You’ll get:

  • Free Boat Captain

An experienced boat captain who knows Lake Austin like the back of their hand.

  • Free Bluetooth Stereo

Enjoy your music with a fantastic Bluetooth stereo as easy as plugin and play.

  • Free Lily Pad

This giant floating mat (18ft x 6ft) springboards the fun of the lake for all the kids and guests.

  • Free Full Tank of Gas

Don’t worry about paying for gas for the boat; the captain has that covered!

  • Free Empty Cooler

Bring all your favorite foods and beverages to the party, and the free cooler will make sure they’re as cold as possible.

  • Free Safety Equipment

Safety is a number one priority for the kids and guests. All boats are equipped with lifejackets and all the necessary safety gear.

Trust the #1 Rated Rental Company in Austin, TX, for a Kids’ Birthday Boat Party

Are you ready to book the best kids’ birthday boat party you’ll ever host? Please get in touch with Nauti Side Boat Rentals today to book your event or discuss any questions you may have.

It’s a choice you’ll never regret!

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