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Ultimate Day At Lake Austin

Ultimate Day at Lake Austin

Lake Austin is a part of the Colorado River.  It begins below Mansfield Dam and is fed by the outflow of Lake Travis. The lake meanders generally from northwest to southeast, with few significant tributaries. The largest being Bull Creek, entering near the Pennybacker Bridge. Its outflow through Tom Miller Dam then becomes the principal inflow for Lady Bird Lake. Lake Austin is maintained as a constant-level lake by releases of water from Lake Travis upstream.

Plenty To Do On Lake Austin

It acts as a water reservoir for the region, and it’s also a popular destination for locals since it is of many large lakes in the area. There’s plenty to do in Lake Austin, both in and out of the water, so you won’t have any trouble filling up a day or a weekend if you decide to stop by.

Lake Austin has several public boat launches spread across its shoreline. Motorized boats, kayaks, and paddle boards are allowed on the lake. Bring whatever you own to enjoy your day on the lake. You can also rent most basic kinds of boats from businesses near the lake whether they are already docked at a marina or trucked in by a boat rental company.

Every year, Tyler’s Dam That Cancer sponsors an event where paddle boarders paddle the 21 mile stretch on Lake Austin. The event begins from Mansfield Dam and goes downstream until Tom Miller Dam. This event boasts over $1 million in donations to support families in need affected by cancer. You can find more about this event on the following link:

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