Should I Rent or Buy a Boat

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First Timers: Should I Buy or Rent?

Being on the water should be a time for relaxation. What better way than to be on a boat to spend quality time with family and friends. The most asked question is should first time boats buy or rent. As I pondered on this question years ago, I believe first time boaters should rent before buying.

Time and time again, I had witnessed many boaters bringing their brand new boat to the lake only to have a devastating time with their first experience. Reason being is that maintaining and operating a boat while overseeing passengers can be a handful. This has caused many boat owners to either store their boats with very minimal use or listing their boat for sale.

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Benefits of Renting

Renting is the way to go. Whether you self captain your boat if you already have experience in boating or hiring a captained rental boat for your party. Having a captained rental boat is usually the best route for the most enjoyable time on the water. All the work and hassle is handled by well qualified captains and boats are prepared and ready for a crew.

Whichever path you choose. Do you research and take the time to ask questions. Boat owners are friendly people and you can find them hanging out at most public boat ramps and marinas.

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