The Beginning of Nauti Side Boat Rentals

Meet the two that started it all

nauti side captains


On June 6, 2018, these two started up a business that would continue on their passion of being on the water. One being raised in a small sleepy beach town off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. While, the other was born and raised boating in the Great Lakes.

Two decades ago, these two arrived in Austin Texas where they continued on their passion of boating in Lake Austin and Lake Travis with family and friends. It was then that these two would continue their dream of boating with like minded people for pure enjoyment in the lakes that Austin has to offer.

This stirred up an idea of making it possible to be on the water full time. Thus became Nauti Side Boat Rentals. A captained boat charter business that will put a smile on many for years to come.

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