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Lake Austin Party Cove

Lake Austin Party Cove

Lake Austin’s Party Cove is the place to be and Nauti Side Boat Rentals has the perfect boats to enjoy this popular Central Texas destination. Just up from the 360 Bridge, people from all over gather here to lounge and revel alongside one another. 

Austin’s best party can be found on the water at Lake Austin’s Party Cove! Lake Austin’s Party Cove is the place for summer fun under the hot Texas sun. Cool water, and cool friends hanging around Lake Austin. You can’t party in an innertube. You can’t chug while doing the doggie-paddle. What’s a better place to enjoy the cool waterfront off the 360 Bridge than on the deck of your Nauti Side Lake Austin Boat Rental? We’re not talking about any ordinary boat. These are party boats! 

Nauti Side Boat Rentals is the best boat rental service on Lake Austin. It’s the best at offering great rates for multi-passenger pontoons with dedicated lake-safe captains so your ride is smooth while the tunes are loud. 

The cost of owning a boat is harsh. When it goes out on the water, it needs to be maintained and fixed up, even on soft-water days. And the longer it sits in a garage or a storage unit, the more it degrades. Rust, stagnant oil, unspent fuel – you’re paying more to keep it than you are to use it! Our boats are kept in top condition all year round and prepared for the extra time on the water that comes around every summer. You’re paying for an experience in a boat that hits the water like it’s fresh out of the dockyard. 

Each boat is a comfortable pontoon – an easy-going, floating, stable seat for 12 or 24 at a time. These pontoons are equipped for parties. The captain takes care of all the steering and acceleration while the back has all the things you need to make it feel like it’s your lake. Bluetooth stereo plays your favorite tunes across the water. A cooler sores all your favorite drinks – as hard as you like them. And if you want to chill out without leaving the boat behind, ride in the wake on a Lily Pad raft to soak up some water along with some sun.

Party Cove is a perfect pit-stop for extending Spring Break into a Summer Celebration. If you’re passing through Austin or looking for the wilder side of your home city, you can’t miss when you wind up at the lake. It’s huge – you actually can’t miss it. And when you see it, you’ll see all the boats on the water. One of those could be you. 

Renting a boat can just be one piece of a nonstop vacation tour of Austin’s best experiences. In between hiking or golfing at Austin’s premier trails and courses, you might start to feel the heat wear you down. You could chill out in a crowd and get splashed and pushed around on the water, or you could load up into a boat with your friends and take a private tour of Austin’s blue line. 

Bachelors and bachelorettes alike can fall in love all over again taking a day out on the water. You might get so attached you could end up forgetting about something very important the next day – but we keep it simple. Returns are as easy as the rental. Once the boat’s back, you’re on your way to the rest of your life. And when the knot is tied, you can come back and celebrate with a private tour for two.

All safety regulations, recommendations, and requirements are met and maintained to professional standards. Nauti Side operated safely to nationally accredited standards even during the pandemic. We refused to let the great vistas of Lake Austin be ignored for that long – and now we’re ready to take the whole lake over one cruise at a time.

Check out the rates for renting party-sized passenger pontoons here! For the best boat rentals on Lake Austin, courtesy of Nauti Side!

Don’t wait, rent a boat with us today. Summer is here at Nauti Side and you won’t want to miss it!

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